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  • We specialise in Honeycomb and Honey from the tropics of far North Queensland.
  • We also provide Beekeeping equipment for Beekeepers in the Cairns region.
  • We hope you will find delicious products on our site which you will not be able to resist.




We have been into Beekeeping for nearly 30 years, since taking it up as a hobby in the late 70' s. It started to become more than a hobby very quickly as people requested bottles of our unique North Queensland honey and farmers requested bees to pollinate their crops.

We have since expanded to around 300 hives in the Atherton Tableland region, and around 100 hives in the Brisbane area. This gives us the ability to produce different regional honeys, and to be able to produce honey all year round.

Honeys from the Atherton Tablelands include Grey Box, Ironbark, Blue Gum, Grevillea and Lychee which are all light coloured sweet honeys, and Avocado, Rainforest, Wildflower, and Forest which are dark strong flavoured honeys. The Brisbane area provides Strawberry, Macadamia, Brush Box and Ironbark honeys which are light in colour as well as a small amount of Ti Tree.

These honeys are collected at different times of the year as the different trees flower. Sometimes there is a large amount of honey produced, but at other times, such as the recent drought when the trees did not flower at all, honey can be in short supply.

Please ask which honeys are available when you order, as some honeys are very popular, and are available only for a short time. When honey is produced from our hives, the best frames are selected for use as honeycomb. These frames are cut up into chunks of honeycomb and packaged into containers with or without honey so you can taste the honey directly from the hive.

Frames which are not quite perfect are extracted to supply the liquid honey we sell in bottles. Many customers love the purity of the honeycomb directly from the hive.



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